Join us at IBS Warrior Summit

We’re so excited to be a sponsor of the IBS Warrior Summit! This month-long event is loaded with empowering information and life-changing resources. And it’s free! IBS Warrior Webinars Working With Your Doctor To Get An Accurate Diagnosis + Referrals & Therapies Available To You April 6 noon - 2 p.m. CST Get To Know Your Gut + ...

Feeling gassy? Here’s what to do about it.

Let the truth be told: Ladies fart! Passing gas is completely normal and expected. Doctors have determined 14 - 20 toots, posterior breezes or rectal puffs are the average for men. Women tend to expel a little less but struggle more with bloating. If you find yourself frustrated with your gut, there are things you can do which may tame...

Tricks for avoiding Halloween tummy troubles

What is it about Halloween candy that makes it so tempting? While you may be able to hide Halloween candy from the kids, you know it’s there! Sneaking one piece … then another … may cause stomach upsets and other digestive troubles. Why candy may be the culprit Some candy ingredients may be constipating. This may be a factor if you ...

Regular Girl’s friendly FAQ on folic acid

Quick! Name a source of folic acid! Women of child-bearing age should get 400 micrograms of this vitamin daily yet many of us aren’t very familiar with it. Here’s what you need to know. Folic acid is the man-made version of the vitamin folate, also known as vitamin B9. The body converts folic acid to folate. Adequate folic acid...

Be You, Be Well with Regular Girl

Regular Girl is a complete care system specially formulated for women.

Trying to conceive? Your gut microbiome may impact your fertility.

Researchers have discovered that the microbes which reside in a woman’s gut may be associated with her ability to conceive.

Here’s why we’re fans of vitamin D

Not only is Vitamin D vital for strong bones and teeth, deficiencies have been linked to other health issues. It also appears to play a role in supporting immune system health. And here’s a shocker: More than 40% of us may not be getting enough of it! 

Get to know this good guy: Bifidobacterium lactis

One of my favorite probiotic strains is Bifidobacterium lactis, AKA B. lactis, which is found naturally in yogurt and other fermented milk products.

Meet the Regular Girl Family of Products

Regular Girl is now a complete care system that works with the body’s natural ability to restore itself.

Why do I get more gas when I increase my fiber?

Boosting your fiber intake may result in more gas and bloating. Erin Judge explains how to increase the good stuff without the discomfort.

How to survive the holidays when your belly is a Grinch

Holiday parties with their tantalizing drinks and delectable snacks can wreak havoc on your gut, especially if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or other digestive issues. Thankfully, you don’t have to sit on the sidelines (or anywhere else) this festive season. These tips and recipes may help you stay joyful, balanced and regular this holiday season. 

Tips for those struggling with an untrusty gut

Aggravating symptoms can appear out of nowhere, making it difficult to live your best life. It’s hard to conquer your day if you can’t trust your gut.

Here’s why we’re smitten with cranberry

Your insides are important to us, from your gut to your urinary tract. That’s why we’re excited about the newest member of the Regular Girl family: Regular Girl Wellness. This exclusive blend of high-potency cranberry powder, prebiotic fiber and beneficial probiotics addresses UTIs from both the gut and the urinary tract to keep you feeling your best from the inside out. 

Tips to keep your gut off the “naughty list” this holiday

A bulging to-do list and seasonal foods may result in painful gas, bloating and bathroom visits only suitable for the Grinch. This year, be nice to your gut by following these simple steps.

Fiber provides relief for autistic children (and their families)

Studies show 1 in 59 children now have autism, up from 1 in 88 in 2008. In addition to struggling with social and behavioral challenges, many of these kids also battle chronic digestive issues such as constipation and leaky gut. A recent pilot study provided hope on that front. It showed that a modest daily dose of soluble fiber – the same clinically proven prebiotic fiber used in Regular Girl – helped autistic children go more often.

How to avoid the dreaded “food baby” and enjoy swimsuit season

As you may be painfully aware, bloating can happen to anyone. You’ve probably seen the pictures of healthy, fit gals who wake up with their stomachs so distended they look like they’re pregnant. Sure, their bellies calm down during the day, but who wants to hit the beach when it looks like you really should be visiting a maternity bout...

Clean your diet – and help flatten your belly – in five easy steps

You gotta love spring cleaning. It’s the perfect time to banish those dust bunnies taking residence under your bed. You can also wipe away a few diet blunders, especially the ones which leave you feeling bloated and gassy. These five tips will shine up your diet, help flatten your belly and even avoid embarrassing gas. It’s just what y...

Constipation help for that baby bump

You’re thrilled beyond belief about that bun in your oven, but what’s going on with your bowels? Truth be told, constipation may affect half of all women at some point in their pregnancy. Thankfully, you don’t need to suffer. Regular Girl helps kick occasional constipation, gas and bloating to the curb so you can enjoy this amazing jou...

Do you live in the most constipated states? Or are you just bloated?

Nobody likes to talk about their bathroom issues, but apparently we have no problem searching for their solutions on the Internet. We ended the year by combing through digestion-related Google search trends, and uncovered some fascinating (at least to us, anyway) information. Some regions are VERY interested in constipation. Others app...

Got the feeling bloated blues?

All of us suffer from occasional gas, bloating and indigestion. These symptoms feeling bloated stomach never come at a good time.

Ladies, it’s time to poop it forward

You’ve heard of “paying it forward”, right? Well now it’s time to poop it forward. Regular Girl women sharing secret. This idea is literally flushed with humor. “It’s time to have a conversation about bowel health with your friends,” says Dietitian Nutritionist and author Felicia Stoler, DCN.

Teaching your kids healthy habits for life

In his newest blog, certified personal trainer and father of three Johnny Gillespie reminds us kids need healthy role models to grow into fit adults. He offers his tips for balancing children’s sugar intake and teaching them how to prepare and enjoy nutritious meals, and carving out time each day to engage their children in [...]The post Teaching your kids healthy habits for life appeared first on Sunfiber.

Understanding the difference between prebiotics and probiotics

Prebiotics, such as those found in Sunfiber, nourish and stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Probiotics, found in some yogurts, are live micro-organisms that may confer a health benefit. In her latest blog, holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos provides a clear explanation of prebiotics and probiotics, describes how each may impact [...]The post Understanding the difference between prebiotics and probiotics appeared first on Sunfiber.
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