Tricks for avoiding Halloween tummy troubles

What is it about Halloween candy that makes it so tempting? While you may be able to hide Halloween candy from the kids, you know it’s there! Sneaking one piece … then another … may cause stomach upsets and other digestive troubles. Why candy may be the culprit
  1. Some candy ingredients may be constipating. This may be a factor if you are sensitive to milk, for example, and you consume milk chocolate.
  2. The caffeine in chocolate may contribute to dehydration. This may make stools drier and more difficult to pass.
  3. When you’re snacking on sugary treats, there’s not as much room in your stomach to fill up on high-fiber foods. In general, you get a lot of calories for very little nutrition.
  4. Some candy, such as licorice, may contain wheat flour. This can be troublesome if you're sensitive to gluten.
The trick to managing your family’s digestive health, even if you overindulge on candy corn and mini-chocolate bars, is to make sure everyone in the family is getting plenty of fiber. “Fiber softens the stools by drawing water into them, making them bulkier and easier to pass,” explains America’s pediatrician William Sears, MD. Pears, berries, papaya and whole-grain cereals are good places to start. He recommends Regular Girl, which blends invisibly into your child’s favorite foods – including cereals, yogurt, juice, and pancakes – without changing the texture, taste, or aroma. “Your child won’t even have to know it’s in there!” Regular Girl is appropriate for children as young as nine months. The recommended dosage is the same for all ages above 9 months. Before Halloween candy enters your house this year, make sure you’ve also got enough Regular Girl on hand for the entire family.
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