Feeling gassy? Here’s what to do about it.

Let the truth be told: Ladies fart! Passing gas is completely normal and expected. Doctors have determined 14 - 20 toots, posterior breezes or rectal puffs are the average for men. Women tend to expel a little less but struggle more with bloating. If you find yourself frustrated with your gut, there are things you can do which may tame your insides. Here’s what you need to know. Gas and bloating are caused by air trapped in the GI tract. You often swallow air while eating or drinking. The bacteria in your gut also produce gas while digesting what you’ve consumed. Both are a normal part of the digestion process. Some habits cause more gas than usual. Most people swallow more air than normal if they are eating fast, so slow down and enjoy your meal. Take smaller bites and chew more. Drinking with a straw also delivers more air into your digestive tract. Ditch the straw if gas and bloating are an issue. You’ll also want to stop chewing gum as it’s another way we introduce air into our digestive system. Some foods cause more gas than others. Beans and raw veggies such as cauliflower, cabbage and bok choy are well known for their ability to cause gas. That’s because they contain indigestible carbohydrates such as raffinose and stachyose. The bacteria in our gut break down these carbs for us and produce gas in the process. Instead of banishing these nutrient-rich foods from your diet, give your body some help. Cooking your veggies may help, as can soaking beans before you cook them. For many, these aren’t the only foods which cause gas or bloating. Check out the Regular’s Guide to FODMAPs to learn about other common culprits, such as apples, onions and milk. Battle gas and bloating by supporting your gut health. Add beneficial probiotics to your diet, such as the Bifidobacterium lactis strain in Regular Girl Prebiotic Fiber and Probiotic blend. This good guy has been researched thoroughly and is known for its ability to promote abdominal comfort, as well as support regularity along with prebiotic fiber. Because bloating is often associated with an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in your gut, promoting the growth of the good guys may also help. You can do this by boosting your soluble fiber intake. It acts as food for the beneficial bacteria, helping them thrive. Each scoop or packet of Regular Girl provides 5 grams of good-for-your-gut fiber. Bonus: It’s gentle on your gut and won’t cause uncomfortable side effects unlike some of those other fiber supplements. Want to know more? Check out this resource by Regular Girl dietitian Derek Timm.
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