Weight Management

Feeling gassy? Here’s what to do about it.

Let the truth be told: Ladies fart! Passing gas is completely normal and expected. Doctors have determined 14 - 20 toots, posterior breezes or rectal puffs are the average for men. Women tend to expel a little less but struggle more with bloating. If you find yourself frustrated with your gut, there are things you can do which may tame...

Tricks for avoiding Halloween tummy troubles

What is it about Halloween candy that makes it so tempting? While you may be able to hide Halloween candy from the kids, you know it’s there! Sneaking one piece … then another … may cause stomach upsets and other digestive troubles. Why candy may be the culprit Some candy ingredients may be constipating. This may be a factor if you ...

Find balance with Regular Girl

Meeting the daily fiber requirement is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy thanks to Regular Girl Prebiotic Fiber and Probiotic Blend.

Be You, Be Well with Regular Girl

Regular Girl is a complete care system specially formulated for women.

Let’s get walking, girlfriends!

If you’re looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, taking a walk is more than a step in the right direction. This simple activity offers multiple benefits for your body and your mind. Best of all, you don’t need a gym membership or special equipment, just appropriate shoes and comfy clothes. So grab your girlfriends or your favorite pooch and hit the pavement, beach, trail or mall. You can reap the benefits of walking nearly anywhere.

Say hello to your simplest weight loss strategy

Raise your hand if you’ve made a New Year’s weight loss resolution but it failed within weeks because you felt too hungry (and grumpy) to stick with your new eating plan. There’s a simple fix to that oh-too-common dilemma: plain, old-fashioned fiber. It’s not sexy. It’s not exotic. But it’s part of all sensible weight loss programs because it works!

You go, girl! Fiber helps you keep your New Year’s resolution.

Losing weight is a popular New Year’s resolution. But keeping that resolution can be more difficult than finding the perfect swimsuit for your beach vacation. If you and your friends are struggling to keep your diets afloat, turn to Regular Girl. It contains Sunfiber, the diet-preserving soluble fiber which keeps you feeling fuller, lo...

Clean your diet – and help flatten your belly – in five easy steps

You gotta love spring cleaning. It’s the perfect time to banish those dust bunnies taking residence under your bed. You can also wipe away a few diet blunders, especially the ones which leave you feeling bloated and gassy. These five tips will shine up your diet, help flatten your belly and even avoid embarrassing gas. It’s just what y...

Hello little black dress. Goodbye mindless snacking.

Every girl has to have a knockout little black dress. Look sensational in yours by eliminating mindless snacking which may add unneeded calories to your day (and inches to your hips). When you head straight to the kitchen for a snack after work or empty that chip bowl while streaming your favorite shows, it’s not because you’re hungry....

Hungry? Sunfiber soluble fiber may help curb your snacking

Face it: It’s hard to cut back on portion sizes, and to stop snacking between meals, when you are still hungry. Losing weight isn’t always about willpower. There’s a safe and simple ingredient in Regular Girl that might help you control your appetite: PHGG, also known as Sunfiber. According to results of a series of studies published i...
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