8 breakfast ideas to boost your gut health

Mom was right. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! It kick-starts your metabolism and gives you energy to power through your morning. Including soluble fiber — by eating fiber-rich foods and/or adding a scoop or packet of Regular Girl Prebiotic Fiber and Probiotic Blend — makes your breakfast even mightier. It helps...

Show a little Valentine’s Day love to your digestive system

It’s a stressful world out there! And since your brain and digestive tract are in constant communication with one another, we don’t want that stress to ruin your ideal holiday. No one wants to spend extra time in the bathroom on Valentine’s Day. So we’re encouraging Regular Girls everywhere to be extra kind to themselves and especially...

The smart girl’s guide to the updated nutrition facts label

There’s a new nutrition facts label coming to a food package near you. It’s the first time in 20 years that the iconic label is getting multiple updates. The biggest change is that the calories are bigger and bolder. That’s supposed to keep your snacking under control*. And there are more changes and label features you’re going to like...
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