How to survive the holidays when your belly is a Grinch

Holiday parties with their tantalizing drinks and delectable snacks can wreak havoc on your gut, especially if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or other digestive issues. Thankfully, you don’t have to sit on the sidelines (or anywhere else) this festive season. These tips and recipes may help you stay joyful, balanced and regular this holiday season.

1. Get to know your gut. Following a low-FODMAP diet may help you discover which foods are triggering your gas, bloating or other GI systems. FODMAPS, which are fermentable carbohydrates, are present in a wide variety of foods, from garlic and apples to rye bread and milk. Consider working with a health professional to undergo a FODMAP screening program. Although it takes some trial and error, this process may help you understand which foods are causing your discomfort and which are okay to eat.

2. Embrace breakfast. The IBS experts at Monash University suggest making time for breakfast. Monash warns that skipping breakfast may cause you to consume a larger meal for lunch, or worse, make poor choices which could aggravate your IBS symptoms. Their website lists several low-FODMAP breakfast recipes, such as this quinoa breakfast pudding and vegan French toast.

3. Bring tummy-friendly foods to holiday gatherings. Help yourself, your friends and family by preparing and bringing low-FODMAP foods to seasonal potlucks and family dinners. This low-FODMAP roasted squash, carrot and ginger soup doesn’t contain aggravating onions or garlic, but is rich with flavor. Satisfy the urge for seafood with this delicious, yet easy to prepare salmon sliders. Adding a scoop of Regular Girl to their rosemary aioli delivers belly-pleasing prebiotic fiber plus probiotics.

4. Drink responsibly. Ingredients in some alcoholic drinks may cause excess gas, bloating and worse. Some wines, beers and hard liquors are a smarter choice than others for those with sensitive tummies. Learn which drinks to avoid and which to enjoy (in moderation, of course) in our Regular Girl’s Guide to FODMAP-friendly drinks.

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