Get to know this good guy: Bifidobacterium lactis

By Erin Judge, RDN

Regular Girl Erin Judge Did you know that there are around 100 trillion microbes living in your gut? While that may seem a bit scary, these microbes – which are mostly bacteria – are key players on your health and wellness team. Some of these bacteria may benefit your health, some may worsen it. Your unique gut microbe blend will determine your health team’s strength, and may play a significant role in your body’s functions, including digestion, immunity, metabolism, hormonal regulation and mental health. Probiotics help strengthen your gut microbe mix by supplementing it with more good bacteria. Some probiotics are better than others at surviving and doing their jobs. So, when choosing a probiotic supplement, make sure that it:
  1. Contains a strain, or combination of strains, of bacteria that have been shown to produce the benefit you’re looking for
  2. Can survive its shelf life before you actually take it
  3. Can survive the trip through stomach acid and bile and into your large intestine
One of my favorite probiotic strains is Bifidobacterium lactis, AKA B. lactis, which is found naturally in yogurt and other fermented milk products such as kefir. It has been used and well studied for years. Its presence in the gut is positive and robust, meaning it can survive the trip through your digestive system. Each serving of Regular Girl contains 8 billion CFU of B. lactis at the time of manufacture. The specific trusted strain of B. lactis found in Regular Girl (BL04) has proven stability and clinical benefits including the ability to help support a healthy immune system and help restore good bacteria balance in healthy people who are taking antibiotics. Plus! Regular Girl has paired its B. lactis with prebiotic Sunfiber for an even better, synbiotic benefit. Remember, not all probiotics are created equal and not all guts are the same. Talk with your trusted healthcare provider to see if Regular Girl may be appropriate for you.
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