Low FODMap

The Regular Girl Summer Veggie Harvest Guide

Farmers markets are brimming with fresh veggies beckoning you to take home and enjoy. Our Regular Girl Summer Harvest Guide is your go-to resource for knowing which flavor bomb packs in the most fiber#, which are FODMAP friendly and how to store this bounty so it lasts, in case your eyes are WAY bigger than your stomach when you walk t...

Our family of Low FODMAP-certified products is growing

Here’s some good news: Regular Girl Restore is now a Monash University Low FODMAP Certified™ product. This means you can support your immune system and enjoy more restorative sleep without concerns about pesky FODMAPs causing havoc to your digestive system. Get the scoop on Restore here if you’re not familiar with this must-have immune...

How to survive the holidays when your belly is a Grinch

Holiday parties with their tantalizing drinks and delectable snacks can wreak havoc on your gut, especially if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or other digestive issues. Thankfully, you don’t have to sit on the sidelines (or anywhere else) this festive season. These tips and recipes may help you stay joyful, balanced and regular this holiday season. 

Tips for those struggling with an untrusty gut

Aggravating symptoms can appear out of nowhere, making it difficult to live your best life. It’s hard to conquer your day if you can’t trust your gut.

Tips to keep your gut off the “naughty list” this holiday

A bulging to-do list and seasonal foods may result in painful gas, bloating and bathroom visits only suitable for the Grinch. This year, be nice to your gut by following these simple steps.

The Regular Girls’ guide to the low-FODMAP diet

There’s a new diet that’s getting a lot of attention from dietitians and researchers. Its rise to stardom isn’t because it helps you drop dress sizes or develop a glowing complexion. The low-FODMAP diet has been shown to help soothe aggravating tummy troubles such as constipation, pain and bloating. We think you’ll agree those are thin...
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