How to avoid the dreaded “food baby” and enjoy swimsuit season

As you may be painfully aware, bloating can happen to anyone. You’ve probably seen the pictures of healthy, fit gals who wake up with their stomachs so distended they look like they’re pregnant. Sure, their bellies calm down during the day, but who wants to hit the beach when it looks like you really should be visiting a maternity boutique? Thankfully, there are ways to avoid that unsightly morning “food baby” bulge. And it all starts with taking care of the little guys in your digestive system. Give your body’s beneficial bacteria a little love Your GI tract is home to trillions of beneficial bacteria. Some experts think that we may have up to four pounds of microorganisms in our bodies. For a healthy digestive system, it’s essential to care for them. One way is to feed them soluble prebiotic fiber such as the Sunfiber in Regular Girl. It keeps them healthy and nourished so they can keep your body working at its best. Regular Girl also contains a hefty dose of Bifidobacterium lactis. This probiotic is essential for a healthy GI tract. Think twice about those bedtime snacks and drinks Sorry ladies, a bowl of cereal before bedtime may quiet your hunger but it can also give birth to a food baby if you are sensitive to lactose (in milk) or gluten (in many cereals). Sugar-free candy or snacks won’t do you any favors either if they contain sorbitol or xylitol. These artificial sweeteners may cause gas, bloating and stomach cramps. A handful of peanuts can also unleash the bloating beast. Chewing gum, drinking through a straw and even smoking can force air into your digestive system which may also lead to bloating. If you need to snack before bed, choose wisely. A few more tips Take a walk after every meal and get plenty of sleep. This can help keep your belly under control. Also try eating smaller meals throughout the day and chewing your foods S-L-O-W-L-Y. And of course, keep your digestive system in balance with a daily sprinkle of Regular Girl.
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