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When you’re pregnant, you and your baby may both need extra iron. But finding the right iron supplement can be a little tricky. Some have an unappealing metallic taste and can cause constipation or...

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The Ultimate Regular Girl Giveaway

Sorry the Ultimate Regular Giveaway is over. Follow us on social media and register for our email to learn about future promotions.       Oh happy day! We’re doing a GIVEAWAY with our friends from YourMomCares. These celebrity and influencer moms are pulling together to support mental wellness initiatives for kids. And YOU can help by...

Regular Girl is making new friends in the UK

Our friendship circle is growing, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! From magazine editors to Instagram influencers, it seems Regular Girl is becoming quite popular in the UK. Influencer Sarah Hatcher included Regular Girl in her cute self-care pack posted to Instagram, while more than 300,000 Health and Wellbeing magazine readers now...

Cozy up to this supercharged butternut squash soup

It’s starting to feel a lot like fall, making this a great time to cozy up to a warm bowl of soup. When Functional Chef Gerard Viverito stopped by the FOX-TV studios in Sacramento, California, he showed the audience how to supercharge classic butternut squash soup. His Thai-inspired Squash Soup with Spiced Crème Fraiche is comfort food...


How to stick with healthy habits

Building healthy habits such as eating better or exercising more can be hard! We don’t want you to give up! Here are some tactics you can use to accomplish your better-you goals.

Natural and clean supplements that work with your body

At Regular Girl, we have all the right labels. Not Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany, but the kind of labels that mean you can trust that our products are designed with your health in mind. Clean and natural supplements uniquely formulated to work with your body, and support your gut health and overall wellbeing. That’s just how we roll...

A Regular Girl’s Guide to Heart Health

Heart disease is the number one threat to women’s health, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year. Researchers have found that more than 40% of women over the age of 20 are living with some form of cardiovascular disease.


How to fix your sleep schedule

Feeling groggy and having a hard time getting out of bed? Struggling to fall asleep or tossing and turning too much? It’s time to pay attention to your sleep routine! Many things can knock your sleep schedule off base. Perhaps you just returned from a vacay where you stayed up late and slept in. That spring/fall change-the-clock busin...

Snack obsessed? How to deal with cravings once and for all

Sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy: Sometimes we just gotta have a snack. While cravings could be caused by a lack of nutrients, most are psychological or emotional in nature. These unplanned and often high-calorie snacks may steer you away from your healthy eating plan. Here are a few tips to help you better manage cravings, once and for al...

Toilet trivia every girl should know

Maybe trivia isn’t the right word for this. Trivia is generally defined as information of little importance. There are a few tidbits in here that we women have to know, especially if we want to stay balanced, comfortable and confident. The average person uses about 57 sheets of toilet paper every day. More people around the world ha...


Wild rice and kale salad with cranberry vinaigrette

Say hello to your new favorite dish for seasonal potlucks and holiday gatherings! This tasty salad satisfies everyone. It’s easy to make, is served cold and is a colorful addition to any table. The vinaigrette dressing gets a color, flavor and nutritional boost from Regular Girl Wellness. This synbiotic blend of organic cranberry juice...

Regular Girl’s Guide to tummy-friendly, low-FODMAP pizza

Hot, delicious pizza doesn’t have to be off limits if you’re watching what you eat due to an unruly gut. You just need to be careful. Some familiar ingredients and pizza toppers are definite no-no’s while others can support your gut health. In this Regular Girl’s guide to low-FODMAP pizza, we’ll share how to make a pie that pleases you...

Pumpkin No-Bake Cheesecake

Pumpkin purée helps add a kick of fiber (and color!) to this no-bake cheesecake recipe: Ingredients • 2 c. cold heavy cream • 2 8-oz packages cream cheese, at room temperature • 1⁄4 c. packed light brown sugar • 1 15-oz. can pumpkin pie filling • 2 scoops or packets Regular Girl • Optional: cinnamon, graham cracker crumbs (for garnis...
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