How to fix your sleep schedule

Feeling groggy and having a hard time getting out of bed? Struggling to fall asleep or tossing and turning too much? It’s time to pay attention to your sleep routine! Many things can knock your sleep schedule off base. Perhaps you just returned from a vacay where you stayed up late and slept in. That spring/fall change-the-clock business may nudge you off course. Or, maybe your bedtimes and wake times shifted due to a changed work schedule or the kids returning to school. And then there’s the biggie: stress. It’s tough to fall asleep when your mind is racing with worry and an out-of-control to-do list. Following basic sleep hygiene guidelines can help you get back on track. You know the usuals: Keep the bedroom cool, use comfortable bedding and leave your electronics in another room. Here are some lesser known strategies that may also help you get the ZZZs you need.
  • Design your ideal sleep routine and stick with it. We are creatures of habit. Our bodies learn to respond to certain cues, even when we may not be aware of them. Teach your body to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep by creating your ideal bedroom environment. Set the thermostat so it automatically adjusts to the perfect temperature by bedtime.
  • Choose practical bedtimes and wake-up times. If you can’t stick with them long-term, you may be piling on more stress. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to wind down. Relax using the same pre-bedtime routine each night. This may involve reading a book (not a tablet, because the blue light it emits can disrupt your melatonin production); or listening to soft music.
  • Help calm your mind with Regular Girl Restore. Take this natural supplement 30 minutes before you want to fall asleep. It contains Suntheanine which has been scientifically proven to support relaxation and high-quality sleep. It will help soothe your mind so you can more easily drift into slumber. Plus, you won’t wake up feeling groggy. Bonus: Regular Girl Restore also contains Eldermune Elderberry Juice and ample amounts of Vitamin C for immune support.*
  • Give yourself time to adjust. Almost any new routine takes time to become a habit. Your body and brain need time to grow accustomed to your routine. If you are dramatically changing your sleep times, you may want to do so gradually by adjusting your sleep/wake times by an hour or two at a time. Reinforce your new sleep patterns by following the same routine daily, even on weekends.
  • Get outside and move your body. Exercise is a proven way to enhance sleep, and exposure to sunlight helps manage the circadian rhythm responsible for quality sleep.
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