These trendy female dietitians are gushing about Regular Girl

We’re feeling so loved! Several female health professionals recently professed their admiration for Regular Girl’s easy-to-take soluble fiber and beneficial bacteria. These smart women know that this potent combination helps keep your gut balanced. And a blissful belly leads to loads of other benefits from improved heart health, strengthened immune system, increased energy and yes, even less time in the bathroom. Here’s what they had to say:
  • Felicia Stoler is known as America’s health and wellness expert. This registered dietitian nutritionist and exercise physiologist told readers of the Pittsburgh Better Times that Regular Girl’s gluten-free fiber and probiotics may help you beat your fall energy slump by keeping your gut working smoothly. “Regular Girl can move things along without causing additional gas or bloating. Plus it mixes easily into your morning smoothie without affecting the flavor, appearance or consistency,” she wrote.
  • Registered dietitian Lisa Nelson likes to think of food as medicine. She helps clients lower their cholesterol, manage their blood pressure and maintain a healthy weight through the use of food. In her blog, which was also posted on Health Central Online, Nelson explained how a few small changes, such as boosting your fiber intake, may lead to improved health. But some fiber supplements turn water into a gritty, gloppy mess or cause uncomfortable side effects, so Nelson asked Stoler for a kinder, gentler fiber. Stoler suggested Sunfiber, the feel-good fiber used in Regular Girl.
  • Dietitian Cindy is a registered dietitian who helps people find balance in all aspects of their health and life. She shared her fondness for Regular Girl on her Newlywed Nutrition website. She explained that Regular Girl’s prebiotic fiber and helpful probiotics support the community of bacteria in your gut. “When the community is flourishing (healthy), so is your health,” she wrote before launching into Regular Girl’s positive effects on immune health, digestive function and mood.
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