Regular Girl’s good bacteria help you stay blissfully in balance

You wouldn’t hand someone a wrapped box without a gift inside, and you are probably not a fan of an empty wallet. It’s what’s inside that counts. Alternative health expert Bruce Wylde, BSc, DHMHS said the same holds true for the human body. It’s the good bacteria inside our body which positively impact our health. “There are more bacteria in your gut than there are cells in your entire body,” he said. When you care for these good guys, you may be rewarded with good health and extraordinary confidence. Maintaining your good bacteria helps you feel and function better Good bacteria, called probiotics, help your body in many ways. “They represent 80 percent of your immune system,” Wylde explained. They also promote wonderfully balanced intestinal health. “But due to poor nutrition and lifestyle, these good bacteria are often imbalanced, or even starving. This leaves us occasionally constipated, or even running to the bathroom.” Regular Girl is the easy way to stay balanced and in control When you’re not regular, you may feel uncomfortable, anxious and distracted. Regular Girl gives you back your confidence. “It contains two key ingredients: a high dose of a well-studied probiotic called Bifidobacterium lactis and a regulating fiber called Sunfiber,” Wylde explained. “This soluble prebiotic fiber won’t cause gas or bloating. Sunfiber is literally food for your good bacteria, like fertilizer is for soil.” Each serving of Regular Girl contains six grams of Sunfiber. You can easily add Regular Girl to your routine, even if your schedule is hectic. Simply sprinkle a scoop of the tasteless, odorless powder onto your morning cereal or blend it into a smoothie. Or toss one of Regular Girl’s individual grab-and-go packets into your purse or gym bag to mix into your afternoon juice or post-workout water. Regular Girl mixes cleanly. It won’t change your beverage’s taste or texture. “One scoop a day, and you’ll stay regular, healthy and happy,” chimed Wylde. Regular Delivery, Regular Girl’s automated delivery service, eliminates the shopping hassle. Plus, subscribers save 10 percent on their monthly purchase.
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