It’s now even easier to stock up on FODMAP-friendly Regular Girl

Following a low-FODMAP diet may soothe an aggravated tummy but navigating what to eat and what to avoid can make your head spin. Thankfully there are resources such as FODMarket and FODShop. These online stores have pulled together some of the best low-FODMAP products available. And now, Regular Girl is available at both of these fine retailers: FODMarket and FODShop! What’s the deal with FODMAPs anyway? Research has shown that consuming fewer FODMAPs may help manage irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation and other digestive conditions. FODMAPs — an acronym for a group of short-chain carbohydrates known to cause gastrointestinal upset such as gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea — are present in many common foods. Apples, mushrooms, corn, onions, garlic, honey and wheat are all on the list. Thankfully, both FODMarket and FODShop have compiled hundreds of FODMAP-friendly products, making it easier for IBS sufferers to get the food they crave. Learn more about FODMAPs in The Regular Girl’s Guide to the Low-FODMAP diet It can be challenging to get enough fiber while following a low-FODMAP diet. In addition to avoiding FODMAP grains such as wheat, rye and barley, many fiber supplements contain high-FODMAP ingredients such as chicory or inulin. Regular Girl, a synbiotic blend of gentle-on-the-tummy soluble guar fiber (Sunfiber) and beneficial bacteria, is a Monash University Low FODMAP Certified™ product. Sunfiber has been clinically shown in more than 120 studies to support digestive health without uncomfortable side effects such as excess bloating or gas. It’s the easy way to boost your fiber intake and support your overall well-being. More help for those following a low-FODMAP diet Regular Girl has more resources for those following a low-FODMAP diet. Our low-FODMAP resource section has recipes, guides and more. Check out: The Regular Girl’s guide to FODMAP-friendly pasta Low-FODMAP salmon sliders with rosemary aioli How to make bowls of belly-pleasing low-FODMAP soup Belly-pleasing and easy veggie frittata
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