Because we’re all better when we work together

Living a healthy lifestyle is easier when you have friends supporting you. From neighbors accompanying you on an evening walk to co-workers bringing in freshly picked apples instead of donuts, these pals make it easier to make good choices. Your pals at Regular Girl want to help you, too. In addition to encouraging good digestive choices – Hello? Have you taken your Regular Girl today? – we’ve been busy encouraging women to get more active. We’re thrilled that the response has been so positive. In Minneapolis, we invited a team of women to participate in the Women Rock 5K as part of Team Regular Girl. To smooth the way to race day, we covered their registration fees, provided Regular Girl race jerseys and asked Olympic tri-athlete Laura Bennett to provide pre-race support and inspiration. See what she said to the team by joining our REGULAR GIRLFRIENDS Facebook group. Our amazingly dressed team had a blast and each succeeded in walking and/or running the course. [embed][/embed] We also sponsored the Beauty and the Beach Run on the scenic Jersey shore. Team Regular Girl participants sported gorgeous jerseys and all participants received a stylish swag bag and product samples.   [caption id="attachment_5936" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] New Jersey locals team up with Regular Girl to get healthy[/caption] The best part of this is hearing women afterward, commenting “I don’t think I would have done this without you”. Ahh, shucks. Thank you! This is why we need friends. This is also our challenge to you.
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