The seven things you need to achieve a healthier lifestyle

A gym membership and a love for veggies may help you drop those extra pounds, gain energy and feel better. But to truly be at your best you need to take a more holistic approach to your health. According to Olympians Laura and Greg Bennett, tackle all seven of these to get the best out of yourself.

Relationships/support team: “The number one thing is to build a great team of support people,” explained Greg. Surround yourself with people who want to see you achieve your goal and want the best for you. Hint: There’s a group waiting for you here.

Nutrition: Nourish your body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best. Fresh, unprocessed foods are always a smart choice. Your body needs the fiber, vitamins and minerals they provide. And it’s critical to stay hydrated. Every cell of your body needs water to work properly.

Preventive care and environmental toxins: Focus on staying healthy rather than rehabilitation: Avoid illness; get regular blood, cardio and respiratory check-ups; and work with a functional medicine practitioner. Take steps to remove toxins in your home, such as those found in some non-stick pans, deodorants, soaps, sunscreens and pesticides.

Sleep/recovery: Don’t overlook the importance of shut-eye. Sleep and downtime for recovery are essential for human performance. When we rest, we get stronger, more capable and powerful. It is also when we get energized, more intelligent and more cognitively clear.

Bodywork: Treat your body with the utmost respect and it will thank you with years of service. Invest in yourself by getting a massage or visiting your chiropractor.

Beliefs, affirmations and goal setting: Remind yourself daily of your successes. Visualizing and using daily affirmations may affect your hormone chemistry which may in turn affect your physically. Don’t underestimate the power of visualizing what you want.

Physical exercise/training: Being active is the best medicine. Find opportunities to move your body throughout the day, such as a morning walk or run or an after-dinner family dance party.

  Get more from Laura and Greg Join our Facebook group to learn more from this inspiring power couple. They’re producing a series of videos on these seven pillars chock full of tips, tricks and inspiration to help you meet your wellness goals. “High performance isn’t just for athletes,” explained Greg, “Whether you’re working on your career or family, these enable you to get the best out of yourself.” Join Team Regular Girl! Team Regular Girl is pro-health, pro-women and pro-joy! We are here to support one another – physically, socially and spiritually – in our quest to live fuller, more active lives. We stand for progress, not perfection. You are welcome to join our journey whether you are currently a couch potato, an athlete or anywhere along that spectrum. Let’s learn from one another. Let’s cheer for one another. And let’s have fun every step of the way! Want to rub elbows with your Regular Girl family or find out if Team Regular Girl will sponsor your next race? Contact us at
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