Summer: the season of sun, fun and constipation

There is lots to love about summer. Long, sunshine-filled days filled with outdoor concerts, picnics in the park and family vacations. Unfortunately, it’s also the season of occasional constipation. As you’re sweating bullets, your body is losing water. This increases your risk of dehydration, a common cause of constipation. #goodbyefun To stay regular and in balance — and avoid that angry, grumpiness that comes when your body is out of balance — your body needs adequate fluid and dietary fiber. If you lack one or both, let’s just say things aren’t going to be as pleasant in the bathroom. If you’re not sure what a proper poo should look like (you’re not alone), check out our very popular printable poo guide here. Here are five ways to sidestep summer constipation and help keep your digestive system on track.
  1. Pay attention to your body. Go to the bathroom as soon as you get the urge, even if you’re in the middle of a fun activity. The longer you wait, the harder your stool may become.
  2. Drink water even when you don’t feel thirsty. Be proactive by drinking a glass of water before you spend time outside. Carry a bottle of water with you while you’re outdoors and always hydrate again once you’re back inside.
  3. Add a daily scoop of Regular Girl Prebiotic Fiber and Probiotic blend to your morning H20. You won’t even know it’s in there! It is taste-free and dissolves invisibly into water without getting thick or gritty. Not only does it provide 5 grams of good-for-your-gut plant fiber, it delivers 8 billion active probiotics. That’s good news for your digestive system. In fact, our non-GMO fiber has been clinically shown to improve both occasional constipation as well as occasional diarrhea. But wait, there’s more: Our fiber supplement also promotes absorption of essential minerals, including magnesium and calcium, two electrolytes that tend to be lost when sweating.
  4. Limit alcohol, sweets and junk food. Sorry gals, when you fill up on low-fiber treats such as ice cream or hot Cheetos, you may not leave enough room for high-fiber, healthier options. And because alcohol can be dehydrating, consider alternating your adult beverages with a glass of water.
  5. Nibble on some natural stool softeners. Let’s face it, some food choices are better than others when it comes to steering clear of constipation. Think fiber and fluid when deciding what to enjoy, especially when you are spending time outdoors. Food can provide an estimated 20% of your fluid intake. Read: Seven fun ways to use watermelon.
It’s also important to keep moving. Exercise can stimulate your digestive system. You don’t even have to break a sweat to get unblocked. Walking is one of the best ways to exercise.
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