Active women rejoice! Regular Girl may boost your iron absorption

Iron deficiency is incredibly common in women. Approximately 10 percent of all women between the ages of 12 and 49 suffer with the condition. You can thank Aunt Flo and your diet for that. Experts believe active women have even MORE reasons to be iron deficient and may even be more sensitive to the effects. Um, don’t consider that permission to lay on the couch and binge watch reality TV. Exercise is still your friend. Thankfully, a new study showed that taking Regular Girl significantly improved absorption of supplemental iron. How cool is that! What you need to know about iron deficiency Many people don’t realize they have iron deficiency until it’s found in a routine blood test because symptoms can be very mild at first. Here are a few things to look for:
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Pale skin
  • Brittle nails
  • Headaches
  • Cold hands and feet
Three reasons you may need more iron
  1. You have heavy menstrual bleeding. Although diet plays a role in iron deficiency, heavy periods can complicate matters.
  2. You eat little or no meat. Meat and fish are some of the best iron sources, so plant lovers should include iron-rich foods in their diet such as lentils, peas, nuts and leafy greens.
  3. You work out a lot. Exercise may increase your body’s demand for iron, plus you may lose iron when you sweat. Again friends, this is no reason to skip the gym!
New study shows Regular Girl prebiotic fiber and probiotic blend improves iron absorption Marywood University associate professor Diane M. DellaValle, PhD, RDN, LDN designed and led a study to test whether Regular Girl would increase iron uptake in active women. “One of my goals as a registered dietitian nutritionist is to look for ways to maximize iron absorption,” said DellaValle. Some women struggle with iron deficiency even though they consume ample iron-rich foods because iron isn’t always absorbed well by the body. Absorbing iron may be just as important as consuming iron. DellaValle’s results were presented at the 2018 American Society for Nutrition annual conference. Spoiler alert: Regular Girl did it! Insert happy dance here. In the eight-week study, 20 recreational-level female athletes – all of whom were iron deficient – were divided into two groups. One group received Regular Girl; the other received a placebo. Both groups also received a daily low-dose iron supplement. After four weeks, the Regular Girl group’s blood serum ferritin (a marker for iron status) had increased by 41 percent, while the placebo group showed no response. At the end of eight weeks, the Regular Girl group’s serum ferritin had almost doubled. “This was an amazing response to a low-dose iron supplement,” DellaValle commented. “The exciting thing about this study, even though this was a small sample, is that it demonstrated there are simple ways to improve our uptake of even small amounts of iron.” She added, “Many of these subjects were college students who don’t eat well even though they are athletes. After taking the Regular Girl, a lot of them reported that they felt better. That’s presumably because Regular Girl helps to improve digestive regularity.” As a regulating fiber, Regular Girl helps to firm loose stools and decrease occasional constipation that is common with iron supplementation. Some iron supplements may also cause gas and bloating. Thankfully, Regular Girl’s gentle-on-the-belly prebiotic fiber won’t add to those concerns. Unlike some other fiber supplements, its special formula helps keep your insides nice and comfortable. Regular Girl also contains 8 billion active and clinically proven probiotics. These good bugs work in harmony with the fiber, promoting a more blissful and balanced belly. Now there’s really no excuse to skip the gym! Regular Girl may also increase absorption of other minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth. Milk and other dairy products are rich in calcium, as are nuts, soy products and leafy vegetables. Magnesium is essential for energy production and helps regulate dozens of biochemical reactions in the body. It’s found in spinach, legumes, seeds and whole grains. It’s reassuring to know that simply adding Regular Girl to your veggie-packed smoothie, morning oats or healthy dinner can help you get the most of the nutrients each dish contains.
But wait, there's more!
The Regular Girl Multivitamin works in harmony with our daily Prebiotic Fiber and Probiotics. It’s formulated with 100% of the daily recommended value of iron for women. And it uses the highly bioavailable yet gentle SunActive Iron. Now you can get the iron you need without that upset tummy some iron supplements cause.*
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