How ripe do you like your bananas? And what it means for your belly!

We love bananas. They’re a delicious, tasty and portable snack that is just perfect for eating on the go. But did you know that the ripeness of your banana may impact your belly? Brown spots on your banana indicate that its sugar content is rising. Many people consider these perfect for noshing, but these ripe (and overripe) bananas may cause aggravating tummy issues such as constipation and bloat, especially for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). That’s because they’re high in FODMAPs, a fancy acronym for sugars that aren’t properly absorbed in the gut. Firmer, greener bananas have fewer of these sugars. Nutritionists consider them low-FODMAP. They’re a smarter choice for those suffering from IBS and other digestive issues. Regular Girl is also low-FODMAP. In fact, it’s fiber is the first fiber and standalone ingredient to become a Monash University Low-FODMAP CertifiedTM product. How cool is that? Learn more about FODMAPs here.
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