This Facebook group is all about healthy living and sisterly support

Regular Girl is proud to offer a Facebook group for women looking to improve their health and overall wellness: Regular GirlFriends. This group is hosted by Olympic triathlete Laura Bennett and natural mama Carolina King. Both firmly believe that good health starts with good nutrition. Both are also big fans of Regular Girl. And we’re big fans of them!
  • Laura Bennett: This 2-time Olympian and four-time national champion understands how to use nutrition to stay in elite shape. But, you don’t need to be a gym rat to benefit from Laura’s tips. She has a down-to-earth approach to wellness. This new mom knows that half a stale donut and a quick walk around the block can be a win for a time- and energy-drained woman. We’re overjoyed that Laura’s pouring the same energy and determination she had for competing into helping Regular Girls live healthier and more balanced lives.
Laura Bennett, Olympic athlete, mom, blogger
  • Carolina King: Carolina is a mom on a mission. She has built a dedicated following as the force behind the leading lifestyle blog Mama Instincts where her goal is to help one woman a day live a healthier, more eco-friendly life. We’re thrilled that she’s partnering with friend Laura Bennett to support Regular GirlFriends community members on their health and wellness journeys. Carolina’s energy, realness and sense of humor is sure to put a smile on your face and inspire you to drop those extra pounds (a.k.a stored energy), shed time off your best 5K or help your family live a cleaner and healthier life.
Carolina King, natural mom, blogger, influencer If you care about your health, appreciate a little sisterly encouragement and aren’t a fan of fad diets or miracle cures, join the fun! Laura, Carolina and the Regular GirlFriends community will help you build healthy habits and say ba-bye to those not-so-stellar ones (that means you, afternoon candy bar) through tips, challenges, encouragement and access to other health and fitness professionals. How to join: Visit Facebook, type Regular GirlFriends into the search bar, then simply click the +Join button. Find out why Laura and Carolina started this group (and why you may not want to exercise if you want to lose weight! )    
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