Bloggers loved Dr. Sears and his Guide to Digestive Health

Women attending the Mom’s Meet Southern California WOW Summit received an impressive amount of digestive health information from Dr. Bill Sears. The renowned pediatrician, author of Dr. Poo: The Scoop on Comfortable Poop and fan of Regular Girl conducted the Summit’s keynote presentation. Here’s what he had to say about gut health.
  1. Grazing is good for your gut.

    Dr. Bill shared his rule of two’s: Eat twice as often, eat half as much and chew twice as long.

  2. The healthy bacteria in your gut feeds on fiber.

    Asparagus, beans, oats and sweet potato are all foods rich in soluble fiber which feeds your beneficial gut bacteria.

  3. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is bad for your microbiome.

    Reduce your intake of low-fiber, high-sugar and processed foods. The typical American consumes far less fiber and far more sugar than recommended.

  4. There’s a connection between mental health and gut health.

    Exciting new research is showing the connection between your head brain and your gut brain. If your microbiome is struggling, your mood may be affected.

  5. Eat with your microbiome in mind.

    Adults should consume at least 40 grams of fiber per day. For kids, add 10 to their age to determine the number of fiber grams they should consume daily. Adding Regular Girl to your daily routine is an easy way to boost your gut health. One serving adds five grams of clinically proven soluble fiber plus 8 billion active probiotics. These work in harmony to keep your microbiome happy and healthy. Best of all, it’s gentle on your insides.

    Regular Girl’s soluble fiber, Sunfiber, helps food move through your body at just the right pace – not too slow or too fast – helping you maintain a comfortable regularity. And its special all-natural, non-GMO and slow-fermenting formula won’t cause excess gas or bloating. For more good digestive health advice from Dr. Sears read his Dr. Poo book. It’s available on the Regular Girl website and on Amazon.

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