You’ve been waiting for this: Regular Girl presents the Poopie Awards

The star-studded audience, the designer dresses, the fabulous jewelry – everything you associate with award shows – well, they just won’t be happening at the Poopie Awards. Regular Girl’s Poopie Awards is a tongue-in-cheek salute to the bathroom deed which made her famous. She thinks there are others in this poo-tastic field who deserve a little praise. You may giggle at the idea, but if you’ve ever suffered from constipation, you know that regularity is no laughing matter. Most unusual poo-related mascot: The squatty potty unicorn takes this award hands down, or should we say knees up? In this YouTube video, a rainbow-stooled unicorn explains how toilet posture may affect your digestive health. A warning before you watch the video: You may never look at an ice cream cone the same way. Second place goes to Softy the Poop from the kids’ book of the same name. According to the book, “Softy makes learning about poop fun.” We wouldn’t have it any other way. Dreamiest poop-talking healthcare professional: Alternative health expert Bryce Wylde made our hearts go pitter-patter when he shared his scoop on poop on TV during the Detroit morning news. The fit and fabulous Wylde brought the Bristol stool chart to life with clay models. Despite the highly unusual breakfast conversation, we couldn’t pull our eyes away from this hunky digestive health fan. Best use of language while sitting on the pot: The royal-accented PooPourri girl gets real in her video, Girls Don’t Poop. She loves how the deodorizing toilet spray masks odors. We love how she brings her poop conversation out of the bathroom and into the office, living room and even a cow-filled field. There’s something you can learn from this ginger-haired beauty: It’s okay to talk poop with your gal pals. Spreading this kind of gossip may get the conversation rolling. Regular Girl also wants to give props to the residents of Mississippi, Kentucky and West Virginia. According to Google Trends data, residents of these southern states were the most interested in constipation last year. Hmmm perhaps they need some Regular Girl instead of a applause. Our blissfully balanced soluble fiber and prebiotic blend keeps your system moving at just the right pace. And that, my friends, is much better than a gold-plated trophy. And a special acknowledgement for the best public service publication to our very own “Your Poop Is A Window Into Your Health – Look before your flush!” which helped dietitians around the world start the conversation about bodily function and “the end result”.
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