Fox news viewers taught to avoid misleading high-fiber food labels

Who has time to try to figure out complicated food labels? While it may seem easier to choose brands prominently labeled as “high fiber” or “fiber-enriched”, it may not be smart. As Rogue Nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden explained to Fox 40 Morning News viewers, labels are often misleading. He gave the Californian audience simple tips for boosting their fiber intake, including supplementing with Sunfiber. “We’ve been told to look for good sources of fiber and we think of breads,” he explained. “Breads are not fiber heavy weights. They’ve got one to two grams per serving and a lot of calories and a lot of wheat and stuff you don’t need.” Few people realize how processed most breads are, and that this strips away most of their fiber. Misinformation could be a reason that most Americans only eat a fraction of their daily fiber recommendation. “Get your fiber from real fiber foods like avocados, beans,” Bowden encouraged before reaching for Sunfiber. “[Fiber] is another place where I think supplements really matter.” Finding the right supplement is crucial. Sunfiber is taste-free and odor-free, making it easy to incorporate into your diet. “It fits into any shake,” Bowden said, or it can also be added to juice, water and yogurt, and used as an ingredient in baking because it dissolves completely. “You get six grams [of fiber] per spoonful. It has no flavor that bothers anybody. It blends right in. And we don’t really need to get breads and processed pastas for our fiber.” This uniquely regulating fiber provides relief from both occasional diarrhea and constipation. It promotes satiety and gut health, the latter by working as a prebiotic. Its slow fermentation rate also prevents uncomfortable bloating that can cause the unwanted gas or abdominal pain associated with other types of fiber supplements.
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