How to feel full of energy and stress free all winter long

If the long, cold and dark days of winter make you feel like crawling into a hole, listen up. The Regular Girl family of products can help boost your energy, control stress and support your immune system. These perks may help you enjoy all that winter has to offer. This means outdoor fun with family and friends, not sleeping ‘til noon and binge-watching 90s TV.

A lack of sunshine and poor winter eating habits can really zap your energy. Supercharge your body this winter with the Regular Girl Multivitamin. It contains 200% of the Daily Value of these very important winter nutrients.

  • Vitamin B12, “the energy vitamin”: It helps convert the food you eat to get-up-and-go energy.
  • Vitamin D, “the sunshine vitamin”: More than 40% of us don’t get enough.
  • Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that helps strengthen your body's natural defenses.

This winter, breakfast with intention. Start each day with a high-protein, high-fiber meal, such as this Winter Yogurt Chia Parfait. The added dietary fiber from a serving of Regular Girl helps keep your blood sugar steady so you’re less tempted to head back to bed. Each serving of Regular Girl contains 5 grams of good-for-your gut soluble fiber.

Winter stress can take a toll on your whole body.

Holiday overspending, icy roads and a lack of exercise opportunities may lead to winter worries and sleepless nights. Regular Girl Restore contains soothing Suntheanine and immune-supporting Eldermune elderberry juice, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc. Restore is specially formulated to help you relax and enjoy more restorative sleep, both critical to supporting a healthy immune system.

Pay close attention to your sleep this winter. While most of us don’t get enough shut-eye — adults need 7 to 9 hours each day — some folks tend to get too much of this good thing during winter. Oversleeping has been linked to both physical and mental health challenges. If you’re guilty of sleeping too much, find a way to get more daylight, such as adding a mid-day walk to your routine. If you’re still struggling to stay awake during the day, check with your healthcare provider.

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