Six body-slimming tips – including fiber – that preserve summer fun

Summer has arrived. Is your body ready for the beach? Best-selling author Sherry Torkos says that you can work on slimming down while enjoying the picnics, parties and other fun activities.

In her newest blog, she outlines six simple strategies that can help tone your body, reduce calorie intake and boost your calorie-burning efforts.

They include great tips for fitting workouts into your already-busy schedule, eat-this-not-that snack substitutions, creative imbibing techniques, and how to plan ahead for your high-calorie indulgences.

She also suggests that boosting your fiber intake with Sunfiber will make you feel fuller so that you will consume fewer calories. It may also help to reduce food cravings by promoting better blood sugar balance.

Plus, did you know that hot peppers and green tea may help to rev up your metabolism? Torkos points out that green tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols that work along with the natural occurring caffeine to increase fat burning.

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