Simplify your search for an effective fiber supplement

Grandma had it simple. She ate most of her meals at home, and just ate more “roughage” for occasional constipation. Today we’re more on the go, struggling to meet the recommended daily fiber minimums, and we’re bombarded with options when we shop for a fiber supplement! Let’s try to uncomplicated this subject. There are three important differences between fiber supplements on the market: 1. Gluten levels 2. Number of ingredients 3. Calorie content How important is each variable? 1. Gluten: Gluten intolerance is a big deal for a lot of people. Sunfiber is 100 percent gluten free. There’s not a speck of it in its formula. But did you know that according to FDA regulations, other well-known, over-the-counter fibers can claim they are gluten-free even if they contain up to 20 ppm of gluten? If you’re sensitive to gluten, do your research. 2. Number of ingredients: There’s something good to be said about understanding exactly what you’re taking. Sunfiber is derived from guar gum. That’s it. It’s the same natural ingredient that is used in many of our daily foods (like ice creams, yogurts and confections), that has been repeatedly clinically researched and shown to be effective. The labels on other brands may read like a science experiment, with such common fiber ingredients as pectin, chitosan, cellulose, methylcellulose, beta-glucans, polydextrose, resistant dextrins, fructo-oligosaccharides, acacia fibers, psyllium, inulin and oligofructose. 3. Calorie content: How does “half the calories” sound to you? Thought so. Sunfiber has 1.9 calories per serving. Most of the other over-the-counter brands have four calories per serving. Okay it’s not a lot, but anyone who has ever watched the slow rate of “calories burned” on their Fitbit knows how hard working off calories can be. If you want more pectin in your diet, load up on apples (80 calories each). If you want a truly regulating fiber supplement that will simply help to normalize your digestive system without a lot of extra ingredients – or even hidden ingredients – consider Sunfiber.
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