Dietitian bets that Las Vegas ABC viewers can rev up their energy

Las Vegas is alive with action 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But whether or not you frequent the strip, fall’s cool weather may bankrupt your energy reserves. Appearing on ABC’s Valley View Live, registered dietitian nutritionist Felicia Stoler said the fiber and probiotics in Regular Girl may help energize your body. Your liveliness soars when your insides are happy, and that’s a jackpot every girl needs to win. In her clinical practice, Stoler has to ask a lot of questions to determine why women are feeling sluggish. “I ask them about their sleep, I ask them about their exercise, what they eat and whether or not they are going to the bathroom,” said Stoler. “Let’s face it, if we don’t start out our day getting things moving, we may feel uncomfortable. And that may make it hard to get up and going in the morning.” Stoler suggests looking at your diet. “You want to eat low-glycemic foods and high-fiber foods,” she said. “The typical American diet does not have enough fiber. You want to get at least 27 grams of fiber per day, most people get under 20 grams.” You get fiber from the foods you eat, but it’s difficult to get enough, especially if you’re just getting that fiber from fruits and vegetables. “I recommend taking a fiber supplement,” said Stoler who brought packets of Regular Girl. “There is an amazing fiber supplement in these little grab-and-go packs.” Regular Girl is a synbiotic blend of prebiotic fiber and probiotics which supports a healthy intestinal system. “It’s a regulating fiber, so if you go a little too much or don’t go enough, it helps you out,” she explained. Regular Girl is easy to take because it mixes invisibly into water, juices and smoothies. Regular Girl contains both a prebiotic fiber and a probiotic. Prebiotics nourish the good bugs in your gut. Probiotics are those helpful bacteria, such as the Bifidobacterium lactis in Regular Girl. “Regular Girl nurtures good gut health,” explained Stoler. “Our GI tract, the small and large intestine, is our first line of defense when it comes to our immune system. That’s where all the nutrients come into our body.” Regular Girl promotes balanced intestinal health, to keep you feeling energized. “It’s like giving your colon a workout,” added Stoler. Keep things moving with Regular Delivery, Regular Girl’s automated delivery service. Subscribers save 10 percent on their monthly purchase.  
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