The toilet bowl test: A different kind of report card for little girls

When she was a toddler, the little girl in your life may have been proud to show you what she left in the toilet bowl. But as she ages, the excitement wanes. While that’s normal and good, make sure she knows what a healthy stool looks like. Remind her to peek into the toilet bowl before she flushes. This toilet bowl test can reveal a lot about her health. Once she’s a grown woman, she shouldn’t be afraid or embarrassed to address this important issue. To prepare you for the conversation, review this kid-friendly list of healthy poop shapes. And just a reminder: Regular Girl can help your little ones score an A+ on their digestive health. Healthy poop shapes Health professionals use the Bristol Stool Chart to describe stools shapes. There are seven basic types representing diarrhea to constipation. While this may make sense for an adult, it can be a challenge for kids to understand. Make it easier by comparing poop shapes to something she knows. It will help her grasp what’s healthy and what’s not. Type 1: Jelly beans or rabbit droppings (small, separate hard lumps) Type 2: A nut bar or a bunch of grapes (a lumpy sausage shape) Type 3: A corncob or chocolate-coated, nut-filled candy bar (like a sausage but with cracks on its surface) Type 4: A snake or sausage (smooth and soft) Type 5: Marshmallows or chicken nuggets (soft blobs with clear-cut edges) Type 6: Oatmeal, frosting or peanut butter (a mushy stool) Type 7: Milkshake or gravy (watery with no solid pieces) Type 4 is considered normal. It’s also okay if it has a few cracks on the surface or if it’s a bit softer. Supporting your child’s digestive health A diet rich in fiber-rich fruits and vegetables supports a healthy digestive system. Most children need between 20 and 30 grams of fiber per day, but consume just half the recommended amount. Sneak fiber into their diets by offering high-fiber snacks such as berries and nuts. And add Regular Girl to her diet. It’s tasteless, odorless and mixes invisibly into many foods and beverages. Plus each scoop adds five grams of tummy-pleasing soluble fiber.
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