We’re partnering with YourMomCares to support kids’ mental wellness

Every kid deserves to feel good from head to toe. That’s why we’re proud to support YourMomCares. This organization is working to ensure all kids have access to the resources needed to be mentally well. your mom cares regular girlYourMomCares was formed by celebrity and influencer moms including Sharon Feldstein (Jonah Hill’s and Beanie Feldstein’s mom), Patsy Noah (Adam Levine’s mom) and Terria Joseph (Alicia Keys’ mom). This fierce group of women are banding together to change the dialogue from mental illness to mental wellness. YourMomCares helps all children by creating and funding innovative, cutting-edge programs and solutions that have a direct impact on children’s mental health. Regular Girl is the first wellness product added to the organization’s BrandsWhoCare, a carefully curated selection of products and partnerships. We’re proud to support YourMomCares and kids' mental health. THE CONNECTION BETWEEN GUT HEALTH AND MENTAL WELLNESS Your gut microbiome plays an important role in your mental wellness. Researchers who study the gut/brain axis are learning that it can influence everything from our moods and food cravings to our overall well-being. Your gut also makes most of your bodies’ serotonin and dopamine, the ‘feel-good’ hormones. These regulate mood and play a role in sleep, appetite and many other physiological functions. Learn about the important relationship between gut and brain health. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjoWv6p15c0[/embed]
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