Snacks made with regulating fiber may help NBC viewers lose weight

Are you still waiting to see results from your new fitness routine? You amped up your gym regimen or picked up running with the family dog, but still feel the same. Fitness and metabolism expert Lisa Lynn knows just how hard it can be to lose weight. While in Miami for a 6 in the Mix TV segment to discuss fast, safe and easy ways to boost metabolism, she recommended a tasty peanut butter treat that can be made at home. She also mentioned non-GMO Sunfiber – a natural, regulating fiber – for satiety and gut health benefits. “[Weight loss is] 90 percent what you eat. The rest is the exercise,” Lynn confirmed. Exercise boosts the metabolism and helps to keep your body strong and healthy (especially with age), but it cannot make up for a poor diet. “Everybody wants to know, ‘Can I have something good?’,” commented Lynn, author of the newly released book The Metabolism Solution. To illustrate that amping up metabolism can be both delicious and filling, she brought her homemade peanut butter balls to the studio. Unlike traditional recipes, she explained that her peanut butter balls are made with protein powder in them and Sunfiber. Unlike other fiber supplements, Sunfiber does not affect food’s taste, consistency or texture. It also provides relief from occasional constipation and diarrhea, making it a truly regulating fiber. As a prebiotic, it promotes gut health and, because of its slow fermentation, will not cause bloating or gas. Perhaps most important to dieters, it helps to keep you feel full for longer. “When you’re really having one of those moments and you don’t want to have a shake, dive in and have a peanut butter ball,” Lynn encouraged. “It’s one of my bad habit secrets.” Keep high protein peanut butter bliss balls in the freezer. They’re good for everyone in the household. “[They] keep your metabolism going and everybody healthy.” Lynn has helped people of all body types reach their fitness goals. She added, “I can get [people with] the worst metabolism to lose weight.”
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