Get active with Regular Girl (because exercise is more fun with friends)

Being active is a big-time health booster but sticking to an exercise routine can be a challenge. If only you had a pal who pulled you off the couch and encouraged you to walk, run, skip or even hula hoop your way to better health. Oh wait, you do: Regular Girl and our Regular GirlFriends Facebook group! This spring and summer, Regular Girl is focused on getting YOU more active.* Olympian Laura Bennett, one of our friendly Facebook group hosts, will host regular online training sessions with the goal of getting you closer to your wellness goals. Whether you’re looking to run your first marathon, actually enjoy your next 5K or simply carry the laundry up from the basement without huffing and puffing, we’re here for you. 5 reasons why you should exercise with friends
  1. Friends hold you accountable. Friends don’t let friends skip workouts.
  2. You’ll learn new tips, tricks and routines. And maybe add some new tunes to your playlist.
  3. Workout buddies want to hear about your progress. Sharing is motivating for you and for them.
  4. You’ll work harder. The right partner can encourage you to push yourself.
  5. Celebrating accomplishments is more fun in a group. That bottle of wine is meant to be shared.
As an added bonus, Regular Girl will sponsor a group of runners at the Women Rock 5K, held August 24th in St. Paul, MN. Here’s your chance to rub psychedelic-colored elbows with your Regular Girl family. For more information or to join our crew, contact Spots are limited. Not in the Minneapolis area? Use our Facebook group to find a workout buddy in your community. Exercise is more fun with friends. * Exercise may affect your digestion. Here’s what you need to know.
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