The Scoop on Comfortable Poop by Dr. Poo

Meet “Dr. Poo”, the very friendly expert on all things poop. This family-friendly, illustrated ebook by William Sears, MD (Dr. Bill) and Martha Sears, RN offers a wealth of easy-to-digest pooping pointers for everyone from infants and toddlers to tweens and pregnant/nursing moms. It’s all based on scientific studies, the Sears’ 50 years of medical experience, and their eight little Sears poopers and ten grandpoopers.
“When I began pediatric practice in 1972, studying poo was not high on my learning list,” writes Dr. Bill, who has authored more than 30 highly acclaimed best-selling books. “Then reality hit. Many of the concerns parents had were about poo: the color, consistency, frequency, shape and so on. My early years as a doctor and parent were like an on-the-job poo school. I learned that one of my goals as a good doctor was to teach parents how to get their child off to the right poo.”

This entertaining ebook will help healthcare professionals and parents with their ‘poopiest’ conversations and questions.

Dr. Poo tackles such subjects as “Portrait of a Perfect Poop”, “Curing Constipation” and “In Search of the Perfect Fiber Supplement”. He comments, “What’s in poop is frequently on the no-no list to talk about, especially with younger children, just the opposite of what you will learn in this book. … Admittedly, “So, how is your poop…” is probably never going to become a favorite topic of dinner conversation. Yet, after you read this book you will not only be able to poo easier and healthier, you will naturally feel good about one of your body’s most important daily productions.”

Buy the paperback here  or, download a pdf of the book by completing the form below.

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