Your gut health may help you conquer stress according to this ABC-TV report

The pandemic, your kids’ report cards, shoulder pads coming back into style, there are plenty of reasons to be stressed these days. Thankfully, there are easy ways to help calm your mind and body, too. We were pleased to see health expert Bryce Wylde explain the connection between what you eat and how you feel when he appeared on Portland’s Afternoon Live. We were equally delighted to hear him mention our favorite gut-pleaser, Regular Girl Prebiotic Fiber and Probiotic blend.

Wylde explained that there are two ways your brain and gut are connected. First, the gut releases neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, the ‘feel-good’ hormones. Second, there’s the vagus nerve which Wylde explained is one of the biggest nerve pathways in the entire body. It’s why you feel butterflies in your stomach when you’re nervous. Wylde explains that it goes both ways: “When (your gut) is upset, it upsets your brain and when your brain is upset it upsets your gut.”

That’s why maintaining your gut health can help you manage stress. It helps you stay blissfully regular, too. Wylde suggests getting plenty of soluble fiber from sources such as steel cut oats, cabbage, beans and figs. Soluble fiber feeds the microbiome, the good bacteria that reside in the gut. Unfortunately, most of us get just 10 to 15 grams of fiber per day and the recommended daily intake is 28 grams/day, so you may need to consider supplementing.

Wylde suggested looking for a fiber supplement containing Sunfiber. Feeling proud: That’s the fiber in Regular Girl! This especially good-for-the gut fiber feeds the good bacteria and helps food move through your system at just the right pace. And bonus: It does this without any embarrassing side effects such as excess gas or bloating.

Wylde summed up his advice with one sentence: “Regulate your gut and you’re going to regulate your brain.” Well said!   

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