This shiny new certification shows we’re serious about clean ingredients

Clean and proud: That’s us! Regular Girl has just achieved Informed Choice certification for our original Regular Girl Prebiotic Fiber and Probiotic Supplement and our Regular Girl On-The-Go Packets. This voluntary certification means our products are routinely tested for contaminants as well as more than 250 substances banned in sports.

LGC’s Informed Choice is a global quality assurance program developed to help reduce the risk of impurities and banned substances entering sports nutrition products. Here’s how it works: First, products undergo an extensive pre-certification process to ensure their integrity. Following certification, products undergo monthly blind testing to independently test quality assurance. Blind samples are purchased by the Informed Choice Program Management team from retail outlets.

Bottom line: You can trust Regular Girl to use quality, clean ingredients. Our clinically proven products work with your body’s natural ability to get back in balance.

We love this explanation about why Informed Choice certification is important. “There’s a trust deficit in the overall nutrition market, not just sports nutrition,” observes LGC Business Development Director Paul Klinger. “If you’re any consumer, drug tested or not, you’re using a product to try to improve your wellness and/or performance. You want to make sure the products are what they say they are, can be trusted and that they are produced by a reputable company. Consumers are trying to separate good companies from not-so-good companies. Certification is the most effective way to help them do that.”

And a shout-out to our ingredient supplier Taiyo for its help earning this certification! Here’s what Taiyo International Vice President Scott Smith had to say about our latest honor: “When consumers see that a brand is Informed Choice certified, they know that the brand has taken the extra step to ensure that its products are safe and effective to use. The Informed Choice logo tells consumers that not only is the product good but the company can be trusted.” Aw, shucks. Thanks all!

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