Need constipation relief? Sunfiber mentioned on national radio show.

Here’s an easy way to relieve occasional constipation, improve immune health and cholesterol, and perhaps even assist with weight loss: Supplement with Sunfiber, a truly regulating fiber. Registered dietitian and Living Skinny in Fat Genes author Dr. Felicia Stoler told MomTalk Radio host why fiber may have a positive impact on our entire body. “Fiber is important for overall health and wellbeing to help maintain bowel function … Sometimes people have issues not being able to go to the bathroom. Women tend to complain about that as they get older. Men not so much. So [it’s] usually gender specific,” Stoler began. However, we should strive to increase our fiber intake regardless of age or gender. “I’m usually thinking about fiber for all of us in terms of helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It also helps to maintain healthy gut bacteria, which is important because our GI tract is first line of defense when it comes to immune health,” Stoler explained. Choosing high-fiber foods can be difficult, especially when grocery store shelves are filled with fiber lightweights, such as over-processed breads. “[Look] for foods that are high in fiber, like grains, for example. Yes, fruits and vegetables have fiber in [them], but believe it or not, grains have more,” Stoler recommended. “For those of you who are gluten intolerant, you know it can be very challenging to find enough fiber in your diet.” Stoler suggested taking a high-quality fiber supplement. “The one I personally like is called Sunfiber and the reason why I like it is you can bake with it. You can throw it in anything. You can throw it in water. It doesn’t have any flavor. You can throw it in your cup of coffee. You can throw it in a glass of orange juice in the morning,” Stoler said. Another advantage that Sunfiber has over other brands is that it is the only truly regulating fiber, meaning that it helps with both occasional constipation and diarrhea. Sunfiber is also gluten-free, whereas other fiber supplements – even those that say “gluten free” – may actually have trace amounts. Stoler mentioned another benefit of eating more fiber: better weight management. “As people get older, they complain about that weight creeping up. If you have a higher fiber diet, it helps to fill you up and keep you fuller longer so that you’re not over eating.”
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