ABC TV segment about optimal health includes Sunfiber

Eating to achieve optimal health can be a bumpy road, especially when so many food labels can be misleading. Visiting ABC’s Sac & Co studio in California, board certified nutritionist and best-selling author Dr. Jonny Bowden simplified nutrition with his four F’s: Fight inflammation, Fat, Fiber and Flavor. Consuming the recommended daily amount of fiber is as easy as supplementing with Sunfiber. “Fiber is so important and most of us are thinking about it wrong,” Bowden explained. “We think about breads as a source of fiber. These are fiber light weights. They have one or two grams per slice.” Bowden instead suggested foods that contain more fiber, but acknowledged how difficult it is to eat the daily recommended amount of fiber: “Here’s another place where I really think that supplements really matter because it is just impossible to get the 35 grams we need every day.” Based on their diets, age and gender, some people may need less fiber than others (around 25 grams), but most people still eat only a fraction of the amount that they should (around 11 grams). Bowden encouraged viewers to supplement daily. “Sunfiber has six grams [of fiber] per spoonful. It mixes into anything. It’s found in lots of different products.” He encouraged the audience to take some Sunfiber in addition to increasing their intake of high-fiber foods. Because of its unique ability to dissolve rapidly and clearly into liquids, Sunfiber can be added to your morning orange juice, coffee or tea. Some people also add it to yogurt, or include it as an ingredient in baking (which would give bread the fiber content that people expect). Bowden also gave viewers an idea about incorporating Sunfiber into their diets: “I throw a spoonful of that in every shake … it has no bad taste or anything like that.” There are many differences between Sunfiber and other fiber supplements beyond taste and texture. For example, Sunfiber uniquely aids in certain mineral absorption (particularly for calcium and magnesium) and it is a truly regulating fiber that relieves both occasional constipation and diarrhea.
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