Know your poop: What’s in it, and why size and shape matter

Health pro Bryce Wylde and his poop show have caught the attention of more than 1,000,000 on YouTube. His explanation about healthy and not-so-healthy poo is one of CityLine's most watched videos.

How well do you know your poop? Alternative health expert Bryce Wylde thinks you probably don’t know enough. And that can be impacting your health. In this video, Wylde tells Cityline viewers to pay more attention to what they’re leaving in the toilet. “This really is a window to your health,” he explained.

The trusted clinician and author explained that most of your poop is water, about 75 percent. About 9 percent is fiber, and the remaining 16 percent is inorganic material and bacteria.

Wylde then showed models of healthy and not-so-healthy stools, and provided suggestions to improve the shape and size of your poop. Supplementing daily with Regular Girl was one of his bowel-managing tips. It’s soluble fiber and clinically proven probiotics help maintain regularity and promote balanced intestinal health.

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