San Diego viewers educated about why dietary fiber deserves attention

What foods and dietary supplements are trending among the nation’s top nutrition experts? Rogue Nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden’s priority is to make it easier for people to get enough fiber into their diets. For his recent appearance on Good Morning San Diego, Bowden brought a few of his favorite foods and supplements that he feels deserve more attention. And when the subject turned to dietary fiber, he was quick to explain why we might want to depend on gluten-free, non-GMO Sunfiber instead of those so-called high-fiber breads and cereals. “We can’t get enough fiber!” he told the hosts. “This is the thing about fiber: Everyone thinks of bread and cereal. But that’s got wheat. It’s got sugar. It raises your blood sugar. It’s got gluten,” Bowden continued. “Everyone should take a fiber supplement. Of course we should eat high-fiber foods as well.” Dietary fiber helps to promote healthy cholesterol levels, support normal blood pressure and healthy blood glucose levels, and promotes satiety that can help with weight management. High-fiber foods include fruits and vegetables, but most of us can only guess at exactly how much fiber we’re consuming from those. That’s just one reason why Bowden thinks that it’s difficult to consume the recommended 25 grams of fiber through diet alone. His own family uses Sunfiber. A single scoop of Sunfiber contains six grams of fiber, roughly a quarter of the daily recommended amount. “Sunfiber mixes with everything and it doesn’t have the side effects that keep women from taking fiber supplements.” Specifically, Bowden was referring to the gas and bloating that can result from your body adjusting to extra fiber. Researchers have determined that Sunfiber, which is partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG) has several benefits over other types of fiber supplements. As a prebiotic, it stimulates the growth of healthy gut bacteria for overall digestive health. It also takes longer for your body to process, which is the reason there’s less gas and bloating. And unlike other types of fiber supplements, Sunfiber helps with both occasional diarrhea and constipation, making it a truly regulating fiber.
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