Affiliate program terms and conditions

As an approved Regular Girl Affiliate, you are expected to have a basic understanding of the current rules and regulations related to dietary supplements, This includes an understanding of the allowable claims, comments and references related to Regular Girl, as well as statements that are not allowed.

Dietary supplements and the claims made for such products are regulated by both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC regulates the claims made via websites. These claims are are an extension of product labeling if product is sold from the site. Additionally, the FDA takes the position that websites are an extension of labeling if the web address is printed on product labels.

As an official Regular Girl Affiliate representing the image of Regular Girl and actively promoting the product and company, it is important that you also understand and comply with the rules and regulations related to claims made within your own Affiliate Content.

It is most important to note that at no time may one reference diseases (ie: no direct references to cancer, diabetes, IBS, IBD, Chrons, etc.), or the treatment thereof. Any reference to non-allowed claims, comments or statements within your Affiliate Content (including but not limited to websites, social media posts, blogs, articles or any other form of communication operated or created by you that link to Regular Girl content or refer to the Regular Girl product) may result in immediate termination of your Affiliate status.

We have provided a convenient reference to pre-approved claims and product descriptions here.

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